Sayonara L4P

It was all the nice journey overall. We did quite a lot of interesting hacks and stuff, and I'm happy to have worked with such a nice team.

This website (and trac) will be alive as a tribute or a source of moderately-useful information for the old handheld owners, but it's being switched to read-only.

I'm moving on, my hobby embedded project now is zinc, an embedded stack in rust.

So long, and thanks for all the bytes!

Welcome to Hack&Dev

This project aims to bring usable Linux environment to handhelds that run Palm OS. Get started running Linux on your PDA or smartphone by downloading a bootpack!

Hacking into Nano 6G

I've got my hands on a shiny new nano 6G, that is currently able to run only the simple Apple OS. The security is much higher to what I'm used while working with T|T3 and other Palm devices (we had user-programmable devices with apps running in kernel mode, so there was no actual security over there), but it seem to be at least partially similar to what's used on iOS devices, and that are vulnerable.

So, I have pretty big plans on working with other hackers on the ipod nano, and hope to get one more supported device to arm linux ^__^

Have a happy new year, will see you in '11!

Git repos at github

Primary git repositories are moved to GitHub (that affects everything from Please use GitHub for public and commit access.

Private repositories of are kept in place, and would be accessible via git+ssh as usual.

Lots of H&D updates

First of all. One more unplanned downtime is over. We're finally over with VPSLink.
Second. I've managed to get only the core drupal site up and running. is pending some DB maintenance. Trac is currently under investigation. Git is running git+ssh:// only, but I hope to switch to gitorious tomorrow for full git:// and http:// support.

Moving again

As VPSlink has been sold to some other company, and the new hoster cannot do such simple thing as preserve acls while moving VPS image over, I feel they cannot be good at any web hosting.

Hack&Dev servers including,, supporting projects, git and jabber are going to be moved to my server in Europe in next week, possibly including some short downtimes.

Another HW donation from Desertdog

There was not much news lately. Sorry for that, I'm pretty occupied with my son and Marex is actively working on different HW. As you could read, Marex became maintainer for U-boot/PXA. He tried to create U-Boot for LifeDrive to create Linux-only device, but LifeDrive got unfortunatelly bricked. It will be hopefully used for tracing USB2, which is still missing on LD.

Desertdog sent us another 4 Treos Treo650 CDMA, Treo 700wx, Treo 700p and Treo 800w. Thanks! I hope I can get them to similar status as Treo 680, but I can't promis it will be soon. Any help in this way would be appreciated.

Downtimes and such

We had a downtime today due to power failure in VPSLink's datacenter. While the problem lasted (~4 hours) both nameservers were inaccessible. As I find such issue in-acceptable, I'm planning to move one of the servers to NY datacenter.

Call for logs

I would like to ask you for logs for Palm Treo 755p, Palm Centro (CDMA) and possibly other Palm smartphones with PalmOS and PXA processor (Treo 600 and older doesn't have it, I don't need Treo 650 GSM). If you're interested in spending some time for it, read further.

HW donation from Wayne State University, in Detroit

I'm glad to say that Wayne State University, in Detroit give us 5x Palm TX with hard case, 5x IR keyboards and 7x 1gb SD cards as HW donation!
This will hopefully help Marex to create PalmTX flash driver, me to keep kernel builds up-to-date and tested and miska to provide fine userspace builds.

Thanks natwrkz and notone70 for your support!

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