PalmOS-less T|T3

zboot version 0.99 is out! I've managed to boot T|T3 without and PalmOS (~14Mb are available for root filesystem). That 14Mb are not a big deal, really, but you can boot Opie/GPE stuff from SD later on. In fact you can then eject SD card without any problems!

SmallROM is kept intact (I haven't yet fixed u-boot so it could boot T|T3 from cold start), so it still occupies start of flash. That also allows you to restore PalmOS with ROMImager or similar software.

Bringing H&D website up

Unfortunately old hnd website is unrestorable in the accepted time period. That's why I've decided to reinstall Drupal from scratch (we had to update it anyway). Sorry for making you register again but user table format has changed to the point where I can't port it :(

If you find any bug or mistake on this site, please email me directly (farcaller at gmail).

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