Palm Tungsten|C WiFi

Hi, I've finally figured out how the WiFi in PalmTC actually is wired. Both me and Alex 'BobOfDoom' Osborne were partly right about it, but we both missed what the other had. Generally combining it into one driver resulted into a working WiFi ;-) . Patch after break.

What is happening right now, what will be next

If you watch these pages from time to time, you probably noticed that releases are outdated, not much usable for daily use and this project seems in this way dead. So what is going on?

Unfortunately, lot of developers are no longer active in Linux4Palm project. Yes, iPhone is spreading like disease - why hack old device when you can buy nice new toy where UNIX is already present?

Our answer is of course - because it's fun! Today - a day after Linux Expo event we're glad to say that many people are still interested in what we're doing. Maybe some of Linux Expo visitors are just reading this page. If so welcome, join, read, learn and have fun with us.

Git repository layout changes

As Hack& is still the primary project being hosted on the server I'm posting this (mostly administrational) notice here.

The current git repository layout is going to be changed soon, as I no longer like the idea of "one group to rule them all" layout. The new layout will be managed by gitosis (and will work pretty much like github does).

Good points:
- Better ownership/permission handling
- Centralised storage for repositories (no need to have private repos in your ~/)
- Optional r/o (git-daemon) and gitweb access
- Optional push-on-commit to remote (github?) repos

PalmT|T3, T|C, T|E2: Suspend-to-mem without reflashing bootloader (UPDATED #2)

It's now possible to use suspend-to-mem without reflashing FlashROM on Palm Tungsten T3. How it's done after the break. Also, PalmTC and PalmTE2 have similar loaders so it might not take too long to see suspend on them as well.

Palm Centro / LifeDrive suspend-to-mem

I just managed to suspend and wakeup Centro and LifeDrive to mem. The problem was with bootloader which was corrupting memory. With this issue fixed, PalmLD, Centro (probably PalmTX too) can happily suspend to mem. I'm currently rewriting the suspend support for mainline merge.

BFU installer v0.2 - update

I've been too tired with all that installation problems and questions in forum so I wrote BFU installer which should handle all that work for you. You can find it in our tools GIT repository or link to most recent version in Bootpacks page. BASH only.

OpenBSD/Palm update

One more note, see for information about OpenBSD/Palm project. In it's current state the framebuffer works properly, SD/MMC/SDHC card is recognised properly on PalmT5 and the system reaches ramdisk.

PalmTX WiFi Complete / Cocoboot 0.6.1

Hi, just a fast note to inform you that I completed PalmTX WiFi support. You need new Cocoboot to extract firmware (that was actually the biggest blocker here). For downloads read on.

OpenBSD/Palm founded

The last article wasn't all for today. Actually, the Cocoboot ELF loader was intended to load OpenBSD kernel which is an ELF binary. And it's already possible to boot patched OpenBSD kernel on PalmLD and PalmTT5. The patched kernel sources are currently in a really horrible mess and will need sorting out (which I will do after the examination period). What works already is the framebuffer, so you can see the devil booting ;-). For screenshots, read on...

Basic ELF loading support in Cocoboot

In past few days, I've been working on adding basic support for loading ELF binaries into Cocoboot bootloader. What was added is an ELF header parser and a really simple relocator which puts the sections of the file in place in memory. Also, Cocoboot can determine whether the supplied kernel image is an ELF binary or Linux kernel (everything other than ELF binary is actually Linux kernel for now...). I've also commited simple kernel that can be loaded using this ELF loader. For links, read on ...

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