It's over, all over :)

Stepan (aka step2back) has finally finished his great work of porting and to new django-based code. That means things would be better indexed, more fast and more shiny.

Feel free to test it at Final move would be in ~1 week when all tests would be over.

Known issues: some posts might be messing, we're working on it.

PalmTC: migration started

The title is selfexplaining. Code cleanup started, palmtc base support is already in -hh.


PalmTT5 is now oficially dropped by Hack&Dev, all palmtt5 related patches now go to . Update: same goes for PalmLD.

Specs opened?

I've just got an answer to email dated September previous year. It seems that Winbond can now share all the specs of TT3's W86L488Y SD/MMC/SDIO reader. Now we can fully support SD and SDIO including palm SDIO wi-fi adapter!

PalmTT3: Bluetooth

Here you have some fresh news ... we have something to present on this years LinuxEXPO, no but really ... bluetooth works on palmtt3. It's still in early stage and the init routine is still a bit unclear, but I somehow know how to turn it on and hciattach. This way I'd like to thank snua12 for his hardware hacking (desoldering dead palmtt3 board and also pointing out that there is a testpoint which gets high when BT is on) and for lending me his palmtt3 and kEdAR for giving us one dead palmtt3 to desolder it and trace the pins. It was easy to hook up wire to that pin and try which GPIO turns it on then. Read on ...


I've got my hands on Apple iPhone. I have to admit that it looks&feels great, UNIX inside and so on. However there is a lot of room for improvements and tweaks, so I'm going to switch to a new platform and play with that. iPhoneOS looks prettly much like PalmOS with same conceptual solutions. Objective-C is a pain in the ass. Python bindings are buggy. No Qt. No linux (BSD subsystem is not really the same).

The hardware is mostly "problematic" one, but geez, Palms weren't easy pick too. And it's definitely fun :)

We are [not] dead?

It was pretty quiet for a long time, so I had to make this post. Consider it more like a blog entry then any official info though.

H&D Team did a great job porting linux to Palm handhelds. Most popular handhelds are nearly "production-use" (at least I use linux on daily basis). We could send our patches upstream, but the reality is somewhat different. It's too much hassle to send them to arm-linux, due to lots of dependencies on tree. The code is not clean enough to be approved at arm-linux, and nobody seems to care enough to clean it.

Palm has nearly completely lost its position on the market. I don't really believe in next-generation PalmOS based on linux. Neither I believe in bright future of Palm.

It seems, that most of players on mobile market have realised the power of open source and Linux. Nokia has bought Trolltech, Google is working on Android. OpenMoko still fixes bugs in GTAv2 -_~ We might find some place for our kernel-hacking skills, or we might not.

Anyways, that was fun to code.

-- Vladimir Pouzanov, co-founder of Hack&Dev, founder of Handheld Hacking

PS: Belldandy, be kind to us all...

Happy New Year 2008!

It's 16:40 on my clock (UTC+2). We're slowly reaching Year-2008 and I want to greet all you H&D users with this event.

There was no serious activity on H&D this year. Maybe that's because Palm switched to some dull Treos, not worth hacking with :)

I still have my old TT3 and it's still alive. It seems that it would be replaced by either iPhone or Neo1973 but I'm not going to abandon it.

I haven't finished CMH. Alex was right, saying "when it's done" was a bad idea.. Still it seems that Stepan (step2back) took the initiative.

We still have things to do, like pushing code upstream. And I'm doing to try out qt's webkit on palm. *sniff* I'd like to have BT working in linux too...

Have a happy 2008!

New source-code repository

We've had some problems with the SVN repository on SourceForge becoming corrupted so we've finally had to move the kernel to git.

User access: git-clone
Dev access: git-clone git+ssh://

For dev (push/write) access you will need a git account on odin. Please email Farcaller or me (bobofdoom at gmail dot com) if you need to commit/push stuff and we'll arrange access.

New nameservers

I've moved both and to another set of nameservers (selfhosted). DNS records were cleaned in the process and I've removed the ugly all-matching * A record. That means I could miss some subdomains. If you find one that is not resolving, please contact me at farcaller ASAP.

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