Hacking into Nano 6G

I've got my hands on a shiny new nano 6G, that is currently able to run only the simple Apple OS. The security is much higher to what I'm used while working with T|T3 and other Palm devices (we had user-programmable devices with apps running in kernel mode, so there was no actual security over there), but it seem to be at least partially similar to what's used on iOS devices, and that are vulnerable.

So, I have pretty big plans on working with other hackers on the ipod nano, and hope to get one more supported device to arm linux ^__^

Have a happy new year, will see you in '11!

PS: If you're interested in hacking on nano, head over to irc.chronic-dev.org, channel #nanohack. Be sure to check up with http://nanohack.me/ too.