Another HW donation from Desertdog

There was not much news lately. Sorry for that, I'm pretty occupied with my son and Marex is actively working on different HW. As you could read, Marex became maintainer for U-boot/PXA. He tried to create U-Boot for LifeDrive to create Linux-only device, but LifeDrive got unfortunatelly bricked. It will be hopefully used for tracing USB2, which is still missing on LD.

Desertdog sent us another 4 Treos Treo650 CDMA, Treo 700wx, Treo 700p and Treo 800w. Thanks! I hope I can get them to similar status as Treo 680, but I can't promis it will be soon. Any help in this way would be appreciated.

That's not true what you're

That's not true what you're saying here. The U-Boot works on PalmLD well, but I was flashing the binary to try it before sending it to you and the battery was too low. That's why my LD was bricked.

Are you sure? I thought that

Are you sure? I thought that this happened to your own LD, not the one I provided you...

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