Downtimes and such

We had a downtime today due to power failure in VPSLink's datacenter. While the problem lasted (~4 hours) both nameservers were inaccessible. As I find such issue in-acceptable, I'm planning to move one of the servers to NY datacenter.

What this means to Hack&Dev? Mostly only good, starting from 40% ping time decrease from Europe ;) If everything goes ok, we will get rid of the old Gentoo installation and finally move all the servers to Debian. Also, git would be moved back (meaning that big repos, like linux forks would be cloneable again). And the most good news – really small downtime, as both thor and a new VPS will work in parallel for 2 weeks.

Now, I want everybody to check their home directories on thor and remove any useless stuff, to make the transferred data as tiny as possible. :)

I hope nothing will break in the process of moving over. If you have any questions, you can contact me via jabber: