Original Lifedrive OS files

Does anyone have a copy of the original Lifedrive OS files?

I have been messing about for a few months with trying to get Linux to work on mine (using all the great help on here as a guest) but do not seem to be getting anywhere.

Unfortunately the HDD on my PC that I had my backup copy on just died and I need to get a copy of the LD files so that I have a reference point to return to when things go wrong.

Don't be so

Well the links to unpdb.py

Well the links to unpdb.py etc arn't working anymore.
Are there any mirrors?

With Farcaller's GIT changes

With Farcaller's GIT changes it moved here:

I have everything I need to

I have everything I need to perform this upgrade, but the linux commands do not seem to work. The Git repositories seem to have been moved and some of the commands do not work. I am relatively new to Linux commands but am learning fast. Does anyone have any knowledge re this, and in particular how I get the automated script detailed below to work. Any advice would be appreciated


git clone http://git.hackndev.com/hackndev/modrom.git
cd modrom

Hello mackem.alan, I am the

Hello mackem.alan,

I am the one who wrote modrom.git, so I'm sorry for not testing the generic part of the script as thoroughly. If you ran git clone again (on git://git.hackndev.com/hackndev/modrom.git) or if you already have it you can run "git pull" inside the repo. It should work at that point.

thanks Fahhem, does that

thanks Fahhem, does that mean that the command I type will be:-
git clone git://git.hackndev.com/hackndev/modrom.git

Sorry, whilst I can run linux commands in terminal, I am certainly no expert. How would I run 'git pull' inside the repo?
Thanks for your help by the way.

when you do "git clone

when you do "git clone <...>" a folder (local repo) is created. inside that folder you can execute "git pull" to refresh contents

Thanks Fahhem, I retried it

Thanks Fahhem, I retried it thanks, downloads files and does other magical things but then presents me with the messages shown below.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

83 files
--2010-07-12 13:01:36-- http://git.hackndev.com/?p=hackndev/tools.git;a=blob_plain;f=unpdb.py;hb...
Resolving git.hackndev.com...
Connecting to git.hackndev.com||:80... failed: Connection refused.
--2010-07-12 13:01:36-- http://git.hackndev.com/?p=hackndev/tools.git;a=blob_plain;f=makecafe.py...
Resolving git.hackndev.com...
Connecting to git.hackndev.com||:80... failed: Connection refused.
python unpdb.py brahma-palmos.zip.a.pdb -
python unpdb.py brahma-palmos.zip.b.pdb -
python unpdb.py brahma-palmos.zip.c.pdb -
python unpdb.py brahma-palmos.zip.d.pdb -
python unpdb.py brahma-palmos.zip.e.pdb -
python unpdb.py brahma-palmos.zip.f.pdb -
python unpdb.py brahma-palmos.zip.g.pdb -
python unpdb.py brahma-palmos.zip.h.pdb -
python unpdb.py brahma-palmos.zip.i.pdb -
python unpdb.py brahma-palmos.zip.j.pdb -
dd: `standard input': cannot skip to specified offset
0+0 records in
0+0 records out
0 bytes (0 B) copied, 1.10014 s, 0.0 kB/s
Something went wrong.
This is likely linked to python or the subversion repository.
PM fahhem about this.
unzip: cannot find or open brahma-palmos, brahma-palmos.zip or brahma-palmos.ZIP.
If you know the /dev/ entry of your microdrive, enter it now.
If you do not, enter "dunno" without quotes.

I pinged Farcaller. Try

I pinged Farcaller. Try tomorrow.

thanks I have got so far


I have got so far with the files manually, but when I try to do the unpdb.py script, allthe links to the repository for it are broken. The same applies to the makecafe script, so I am thinking the repositories have moved?

Thanks for helping

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