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I would like to ask you for logs for Palm Treo 755p, Palm Centro (CDMA) and possibly other Palm smartphones with PalmOS and PXA processor (Treo 600 and older doesn't have it, I don't need Treo 650 GSM). If you're interested in spending some time for it, read further.

First, if you're interested, leave in comments some note, that you're working on that so I won't be flooded by your e-mails.

You will need Marex's GPIOtrace, which can be found here, SD/MMC card, some file manager and about hour of your life.

GPIOtrace is simple PalmOS application, which periodically reads status of GPIOs (General Purpose Input/Output pins), where are attached most of peripherials to processor. After first run it will register itself and starts to write to GPIO.txt located on your (last) card. After second run it will report error with registration (already registered), unregister itself and stop doing anything. This should be non destructive test, but you know... Rather backup ;)

I need these dumps of several actions to see which GPIOs are used for which peripherial, so that files should be as small as possible. Please, turn off the other non traced peripherials.
Test process:

  • remove GPIO.txt from your card - this is important or it will append new logs into same file and analysis would be much harder
  • run GPIOtrace
  • do the task
  • run GPIOtrace again to switch it off
  • rename GPIO.txt to something reasonable - I preffer to name it GPIO-device_name-what_is_tested-previous_status-action (e.g. GPIO-Centro_CDMA-camera-off-on-snapshot-off.txt)

Task list:

  • turn bluetooth on
  • turn bluetooth off
  • turn IR on
  • turn IR off
  • have IR off and beam file
  • move silent switch from mute switch to unmute
  • move silent switch from unmute switch to mute (it will vibrate)
  • play some music on background and then move silent switch from mute switch to unmute
  • turn off backlight if you can
  • turn off keyboard backlight if you can
  • turn on camera, take snapshot, turn off camera
  • insert (micro)SD card
  • insert (micro)SD card set to read only (if it is possible)
  • eject (micro)SD card
  • if your device has green LED which is on when fully charged, unplug when fully charged
  • plug earphones or handsfree
  • unplug earphones or handsfree
  • plug USB cabel
  • unplug USB cabel
  • plug charge cabel
  • unplug charge cabel
  • press hotsync button
  • turn on telephony part (GSM or CDMA) and let it attach to network
  • turn on telephony part (GSM or CDMA) and don't let it attach to network (without SIM card)
  • turn off telephony part (GSM or CDMA)

I know that this list is quite long, but it should be covering most of functionality. When you have these logs, send it please to my e-mail address sleep_walker@.

If you have any questions, ask in comments here or on #hackndev @

Good luck and thanks!


In addition to my 755p, I've

In addition to my 755p, I've got a CDMA 650 and a CDMA 700 that are not connected to service. I can start working on those phones next week.

You probably know this, but CDMA phones do not use SIM cards. Also, micro and mini SD cards don't have read only switches.

unfortunatelly I know

unfortunatelly I know nothing about CDMA... our country is not that much covered and I won't buy it till that.

yes, I know that mini & micro SD cards doesn't have switches, but I have never seen 700 or 755p so I don't know which card type does it support :)

I've uploaded 755p logs to

I've uploaded 755p logs to Let me know if you need any additional logs.

I have a 700p Sprint (CDMA)

I have a 700p Sprint (CDMA) phone that I've sort-of hacked for Verizon, but I haven't touched anything else. I'll work on making the logs soon.

@Sleep_walker: CDMA is almost exclusively USA's. Europe gave GSM a monopoly to make it cheaper so CDMA's market is really only in the USA and a few other nations. Most developing nations are choosing GSM because it's cheaper, thanks to being a majority player in developed nations (mostly the EU). I might be wrong though, this is just what I've picked up.

PS. I'd use GSM if I paid for my own cellphone.

Thank you for both -

Thank you for both - explanation and logs. I'll put them to to others and I'll prepare GPIO comparison page for these models.

Hey man, do u still need

Hey man, do u still need logs for GSM Centro?

Hi Knihomol94, due to your

Hi Knihomol94,

due to your nick I suppose you're the guy who contacted me through mail. Thanks for your offer, but I have two borrowed Centros so these logs are not required.

You can test latest kernel from my messy page and report problems you'll have.

Is it possible to use the

Is it possible to use the gpio to swap between a GSM or CDMA radio module? ie: convert a 700 into GSM, etc

If you're talking about SW

If you're talking about SW modification, no. These technologies are not compatibile. As you can't use bluetooth module for WiFi connections even it operates on same frequencies...

You can't even do a HW mod,

You can't even do a HW mod, really. You'd have to change the main board, which is the most expensive part. You might as well get a new one.

I am not sure if the "radio

I am not sure if the "radio daughterboards" between "Treo 650 GSM" and a "Treo 650 CDMA" is "pin-compatible".

ie: can you swap a radio daughterboard from a GSM Treo 650 into a Treo 650 CDMA (discarding the CDMA board), then flash the GSM firmware onto it and have it work on the GSM frequency.

If so then its a software issue.

Hello curious people! Could

Hello curious people!

Could someone please tell me where I can download gpiotrace2html & gpiotrace2wiki? I tried finding them with git, but no dice.

Thanks, in advance, for any information or assistance!

- Joey P

Yippie-skippie! I've found

Yippie-skippie! I've found them. So, never mind, but thank you anyway. Great stuff here, by the way!

Palm Centro X? GPIO Trace &

Palm Centro X? GPIO Trace & Read Attempt

Hey, I have been running gpiotrace.prc on my Palm Centro and have imported the log files. When I try to run them through gpiotrace2html:

@joe gpiotrace]# ./gpiotrace2html GPIO-inofc1.txt palmcentro.gpios > GPIO-inofc1.html

I keep getting this error:
File "./gpiotrace2html", line 112
af = ((af_l if gpio % 32 < 16 else af_u) >> (gpio % 16) * 2 >> bank * 32) & 3
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

By the way, I created the file 'palmcentro.gpios using' for my "already known GPIO", using the values from here:

Anyone have any ideas what's going on here?

[I am a python virgin (blush)]

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.

- Joey P

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