HW donation from Wayne State University, in Detroit

I'm glad to say that Wayne State University, in Detroit give us 5x Palm TX with hard case, 5x IR keyboards and 7x 1gb SD cards as HW donation!
This will hopefully help Marex to create PalmTX flash driver, me to keep kernel builds up-to-date and tested and miska to provide fine userspace builds.

Thanks natwrkz and notone70 for your support!

This is great news. I am

This is great news. I am hoping to revive using my various Palms as LinuxMCE/Pluto orbiters... Having a working Linux distro on them would make it easier...

Natwrkz, notone70, and the

Natwrkz, notone70, and the rest of modev Again thank everyone in the community for all their hard work. In development there are always obstacles that we must overcome. The key thing about the open source movement is that working together we can overcome them. Many people think that they might not have the expertise or the knowledge to join. All it really takes is the willingness to learn and do what ever you can. Through communication we bridge international gaps are were able to move forward. Thanks to the work by hackndev, we were able to present a Linux operating system working with wireless capabilities to the Jennings School District. Thank you Jennings(N.Roberts,A.Jones), Quick-2-Learn(J.Hare,C.Hale), Motown Wireless(us), and MoDev for the palm donation. We've been given full access to over 3000 palms that were sitting in the closet of this district. Our next step is to have nxclient working on the palm accessing our virtual environment. There are tens of thousands palms sitting in closets all across America. So we are excited about the opportunities ahead, and will continue to support hackndev.

Unfortunately it seems that

Unfortunately it seems that our new TX have ROM, not flash.
Good news is that it will help to maintain TX code better, bad news is that we are not able to make these TX as PalmOS-free devices. PalmOS will be always needed to boot Linux. I still hope that Marex will be able to create driver for storage flash and put Linux system there...

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